Monitors and displays

The original PBM PC was supplied with its own monitor. Later PC-compatible computers and ordinary PC clones used their own monitors or, if graphics adapter was sufficient, a TV screen. This way many monitors could be used to view a picture coming from PC.

ADI DM-14+

Manufactured by: ADI
Country: Germany
Est. year: 1980s
Screen: 12", mono, amber screen
Connector: DB9M
Power: 230V AC, power supply plug
Computer: Generic PC
Modes: Monochrome/HGC
A generic Monochrome/Hercules monitor with small amber CRT. Underneath, it has a power switch and two sliders for brightness and contrast. Its power connector is a power supply unit plug for plugging into PC's power supply power output.

According to Commodore Monitors list, the similar monitor (but no power LED in front) was sold ca. 1987 as Commodore DM-14, to PC20/40 PC-compatibles series.

My unit comes from office, where it was used to edit text. It has even menu bar of TAG editor burned in its screen. According to stickers it was bought through German company and then imported to Poland. In 1980s it was a frequent method to buy electronics from the western Europe.