Rouvoet unknown mainboard

Manufacturer Rouvoet Electronics BV

Origin Nederlands
Year of unit 1989?
Year of introduction ??
Type Mainboard
The company Rouvoet Electronics from Nederlands manufactured gaming devices, arcade machines and some control systems. Not much can be found in Internet about it except a patent in which they invented some kind of gambling machine.

The mainboard is a full computer with 6502 CPU and 2kB of RAM. It came to me without ROM/EPROM chips and chips visible in photos are my ROMs inserted into sockets (exact configuration is unknown).

There is also battery-backed RTC and many, many I/O ports driven by six 6821 interface adapters and one 6522 VIA. Sound was generated with AY-3-8910A chip.
There are few possibilities about source of this board:
 - It's from arcade machine (not very possible, as I don'tk now any archade machine with so many controls)
 - It's from gambling machine, like "Slot machines" - quite possible as it has many moving parts. Ports could be used to run stepper motors.
 - It's form control/measuerment system - but it lacks Digital/Analog converters needed in measurement.