HP Colorado Trakker 250

One of consumer-grade streamers. These units were cheaper, slower and used parallel port or floppy interface instead of SCSI. This unit has a strange parallel port interface, similar to EPIA circuit.
The principle of operation is similar to all QIC tape streamers.

Manufactured by: HP

Type: QIC-MC streamer, parallel port
Capacity:  40/80MB

Tape and comparing with normal-size QIC.



UPDATE: 12.2014 - another small QIC tape, manufactured by 3M.

Notice how the tape is loaded in, it sticks out of the streamer and it's a normal thing. Last picture shows power supply pinout (DIN5, 1 - 16V AC 2A, 2 - Center tap, 3 - 16V AC, 4 - GND, 5 - nc)

Update 2022
As there are even forum posts asking how to power this thing, I add my description of its power circuit internals. The most important pins are 16V AC and the center tap. Inside, the Trakker has two linear regulators: 7805 for getting +5V and TIP41-based made on op-amp for +12V. The voltage for 12V is made by the diode bridge from pins 1 and 3 of DIN socket.
Now the Center tap: This is filtered/de-rippled by electrolytic capacitor and put as an input to 7805. As the ground of 7805 is rectified from the AC ends, the center tap has ca. 8V, so 9-10V DC after filtering and with load, which is an input for the 7805.
So the transformer must have 8V+8V secondary windings.

Ah, and the "NC" pin is not NC, but shorted to pin 4, "GND". This is the DC GND, probably to shield the cable.


Drivers for DOS and HP/UX.
Drivers for Win95 - may not be needed
Probably extended drivers for Windows 9x (ver. 3.22) - Part1 Part2 Part3
Drivers for Windows 3.x  Part1 Part2
Installation of external drives
Colorado and SureStore user's Guide