Tape perforator

Perforated tapes were widely used in early computers for data input and output. In first machines normal teletype tapes were used. Because they had only 5 channels they could store 32-bit word, usually encoded with standard teletype code.

Tape perforator  
Manufacturer: RFT VEB Messgeratewerk Zwonitz

Type: Paper tape puncher
Capacity:  n.a.
This 5-channel unit was used mostly in teletypes (for example in a popular RFT T51a), but it was installed in early computers too, especially in militiary units. These computers were made to be as compact as possible, so tape punchers, the same as used in teletypes, were integrated in them with electromagnetic device to handle it.
My unit is new, in a box with parts list and a reel of a new tape. I have another unit used in teletype, it's from 1960s. It has different tray and mechanism is more robust, made of more rough metals.


This is a "DiskDoctor" for perforated tape - tape is perforated in device with all holes punched, then it's manually scrolled under the glass. All holes should be between lines.

Teletype Code 2: