JAZ disk

IOMega JAZ disks were hard disks with replacable platter mechanism to be used in special drives. Introduced in 1995 as 1GB, they gained popularity only as some backup appliances. Unfortunately they were expensive and prone to mechanical failures. Jaz line was discontinued in 2002.

Manufacturer: IOMega

Type: Disk cartridge
Capacity:  2GB

This disk contains tools for Jaz drive. It was supplied with every drive purchased as a backup tools disk.


Here's some driver if you want to get your drive alive under Windows: PART1 PART2 PART3 PART4 Win3x driver

For Mac OS X (up to 10.3 - later have these drivers built-in) you need version 4.0.2 (look for file "ioware-mx-ppc-402.sit")  For 8.5-9.2.2 you must get another version of 4.0.2 ("ioware-m9-ppc-402.hqx"), for 7.5.5-8.1 get version 2.1.1 ("maciom21en.hqx"). Google for these files as they're too large for this hosting, IOMega is making access to these much harder than before.