IOMega Ditto 3200

Ditto streamer was very similar to QIC-MC or Travan unit, and in fact it could read Travan tapes (could write only to Travan TR-3). It was another try to make a cheap streamer for an average home user. There was one problem: it was painfully slow. Streamers are slow, yes, but Ditto was much slower than others. 1MB/s, if you had luck: streamers like constant flow of data, and Ditto was prone to a "head polishing syndrome" in which the tape moves back and forth "polishing" the head because data transfer was too slow to write in constantly moving tape. As it was not much useful in standard consumer market (backup to one tape took too much time), it wasn't much popular. See here for compatibility chart.

Manufacturer: IOMega

Type: Linear magnetic streamer, Floppy interface
Capacity:  1.6GB

Travan tape - similar were used in Ditto.

Ditto in original box.

Manuals from box...

And streamer itself.


User's Manual   Color version
FlashFile - allows to access tape from Win95
Windows 3.x Drivers: Part1 Part2
DOS Drivers
Windows 95, 98, NT drivers: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4