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Meanwhile in Linux kernel

2020-07-12 22:17:41,  In: Linux, Rants

As the Kernel is constantly changing, the search is for 5.7.8 sources obtained 2020-07-10. In commit 49decddd39e5f6132ccd7d9fdc3d7c470b0061bb they introduced the following commit:

Merge tag 'inclusive-terminology' of git://
Pull coding style terminology documentation from Dan Williams: "The discussion has tapered off as well as the incoming ack, review, and sign-off tags. I did not see a reason to wait for the next merge window"

So it means that the terminology will be phased out with successive commits. Do what you want, if I could suggest something, the master/slave terminology has been called active/passive in Polish since beginning of literal "computer engineering" instead of "building cybernetic machines" (read: early 70s) and went back to English only with IDE drives, and the initial Usenet-based name "killfile" instead of blacklist seems to be also a feasible naming.
However, meanwhile in the same kernel we have this:

user@lambda:~/linux-5.7.8 $ grep -i -r ugly * | wc -l
user@lambda:~/linux-5.7.8 $

Initial conclusion (but work still in progress): Lives matter only if they buy. If they will buy more when oppressed, they don't matter.

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