Tips, tricks, hacks and modifications for old computers... and not only for old computers, DIY stuff, all things which can't be fit to single computer's chapter in Collection section.

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A cumulative list of things to 3D print New
PC Fixing monochrome/grayscale picture on early VGA boards with new monitors or KVM stiwch New
List of these retro-looking icons on this site
Building a PS/2 keyboard, mouse and joystick converter for Atari Mega
PC Sony Trinitron CRT Monitor service set-up
PC Making a small HI/LO LED display for PC casings without one.
Commodore Benchmarking performance of 8-bit computers
PC Chord keypad in tasks automation
Restoration and discovering of an unknown old computer
DIY book scanner - quick-and-dirty way
Reverse engineering of TRANSLED driver's signals
PC Eizo FlexScan 13W3 connector and maintenance cable
PC Adding sound switching to 2-port KVM
PC ThinkPad 760 and larger hard drives 
PC Flashing BIOS in old IBM ThinkPads with battery not fully charged
Commodore UCart for C64 with menu.
PC Reworking PC Floppy Disk Drive to use in Schneider Euro PC II
PC Asus Notebook Multimedia Key problem (Windows Media player/InstantFun launches) workaround
PC Goldstar GCD-R420B (Reveal CD-R420) configuration, drivers, jumper settings
Software Living with Windows 95
PC Importing files to SDLTRS in windows - this method works!
PC Replacing broken hinge in Asus F5 (F5M) notebook computer
PC Adding more than 2 hard drives in 2/386 computers.
Spectrum Installing an EPROM in ZX Spectrum
Palmtop Save RAM drive memory in HP 200LX by temporary placing its locale kit files
Palmtop Deleting undeletable icons in HP 200LX System Manager
Pamlmtop Polish fonts in HP 200LX Vertical Reader and HTMLView (60kB ZIP file)
Commodore Adding 64K of memory to Commodore 16
Spectrum Making a ZX Spectrum keyboard membrane
Palmtop Re-formatting a HP 200LX memory card to make small files even smaller
Commodore Commodore 64 bad power supply protector - external version
PC Raritan CCP-06 cable to ATEN MasterView CS-128 KVM converter

Numeric keypad to Commoodre 64 - the most simple version

Software IP Network printer in Windows 95
Commodore Universal mouse - for Atari ST, Amiga, pre-ADB Macs, PC (bus/InPort mouse) and many other
PC UCR-61 / UCR 61S / UCR-61S2B Card Reader mod - to make it work with all mobos, LED mod

I take no responsibility for any damages caused by these mods, but I tried them and they should work fine. I'm not publishing anything I haven't tried in practice. And sorry for my English ;).