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Old Computer-related pictures and photos

» Museum » Terminals
           Ampex 210   [19 pictures]
Ampex 210+
           Compaq IA-1   [16 pictures]
Compaq Clipper IA-1
           Creator IKT-5a   [12 pictures]
Creator / Fura IKT-5A
           Facit 4440   [19 pictures]
Facit 4440 30M-F1
           Fura IKT6   [14 pictures]
Fura Elektronik IKT-6
           IBM 3180   [9 pictures]
IBM 3180 terminal (incomplete)
           ITT Courier 9216   [17 pictures]
ITT Courier 9216
           Loewe Multitel D   [19 pictures]
Loewe Multitel D
           Magis Club   [20 pictures]
Magis Club Rev. 2 Minitel terminal
           Mera 79152PC   [20 pictures]
Mera-Elzab 79152PC
           Mera 79322   [21 pictures]
Mera VDM 79322
           Mera 7951OM   [14 pictures]
Mera 7951OM Terminal
           Mera EC7915   [32 pictures]
Mera EC7915
           Mera board   [10 pictures]
Mera-Elzab terminal board
           Minicom MC6000   [10 pictures]
Ultratec Minicom MC6000
           Multicom   [15 pictures]
Loewe Multicom 715L
           Philips Minitel 2   [14 pictures]
Philips Minitel 2 NMS6202/19B
           Siemens Bitel T3210   [26 pictures]
Siemens Bitel T3210 Bildschirmtext terminal
           Siemens Multitel   [20 pictures]
Siemens Multitel Fe Ap 90-1.1
           Teleguide   [24 pictures]
Loeve / Televerket Teleguide
           Terminatel 258   [18 pictures]
Alcatel Terminatel 258
           Textel Compact   [22 pictures]
Humantechnik Textel Compact portable teletype
           WY-120   [18 pictures]
Wyse WY-120

All pictures are: Licencja Creative Commons.