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Old Computer-related pictures and photos

» Museum » PC2
           386 Slimline   [15 pictures]
386DX slimline computer
           386 Tower   [14 pictures]
AM386DX 40MHz in Tower casing
           486 Green   [16 pictures]
486 Green UMC
           Adax ML   [12 pictures]
Adax ML 100MHz
           Bit Cyrix   [16 pictures]
Bit computer Cyrix MII
           Celeron 566   [14 pictures]
Celeron 566MHz Tower
           Cyrix486   [10 pictures]
Cyrix 486DX2 66MHz
           Cyrix MediaGX   [13 pictures]
Cyrix MediaGXm-based PC
           Dekanex PIII   [9 pictures]
Dekanex Pentium III
           Duron 700MHz   [16 pictures]
Duron 700MHz Tower
           IDT 200MHz   [7 pictures]
IDT C6 tower
           Joy 5x86   [14 pictures]
Joy Computers AMD 5x86-33
           K6-2-tower   [19 pictures]
AMD K6-2 tower computer
           K6-III-tower   [16 pictures]
AMD K6-III Tower
           Kontrol K6   [7 pictures]
Kontrol Komputer AMD K6-2 300
           Monell Celeron   [13 pictures]
Monell Celeron 1GHz
           PIII 800 Tower   [16 pictures]
Pentium III 800MHz tower
           PII 350 Tower   [12 pictures]
Pentium II 350MHz Tower
           Pentium150   [13 pictures]
Pentium 150MHz computer
           Pentium II Video   [19 pictures]
Pentium II video processing computer
           Protech 386   [14 pictures]
Protech 386 desktop
           Questers 386SX   [11 pictures]
Questers 386sx computer
           Tower P166MMX   [13 pictures]
Pentium 166MHz MMX Tower
           Tower P233MMX   [19 pictures]
Pentium 233MHz tower
           XT Upgraded   [15 pictures]
XT upgraded

All pictures are: Licencja Creative Commons.