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Old Computer-related pictures and photos

» Museum » PC
           ALR Proveisa   [36 pictures]
ALR Proveisa 486 server
           Amstrad PC1512   [30 pictures]
Amstrad (Schneider) PC1512SD
           Amstrad PC2086   [17 pictures]
Amstrad PC2086/30
           California Access 286   [23 pictures]
California Access 286 desktop computer
           Commodore 64 Web it   [19 pictures]
Commodore 64
           Commodore PC10   [28 pictures]
Commodore PC10
           Commodore PC20-III   [21 pictures]
Commodore PC 20-III
           Compaq CDS510   [25 pictures]
Compaq Presario CDS 510
           Datavan LAN Station   [15 pictures]
Datavan book-size LAN Station
           Dell PowerEdge Server   [14 pictures]
Dell PowerEdege SC1425
           Elwro 801AT   [18 pictures]
           HeadStart Explorer   [45 pictures]
Vendex HeadStart Explorer PC
           HeadStart Plus   [22 pictures]
Vendex HeadStart Plus
           IBM PC 300PL   [22 pictures]
           IBM PS1 2121   [31 pictures]
IBM PS/1 Model 2121
           IBM Power Series 850   [36 pictures]
IBM Power Series 850 with PowerPC processor
           MKS w4   [19 pictures]
Telephone patch controlling computer, PC.
           Nec PowerMate ES Slimline   [13 pictures]
Nec PowerMate ES Slimline
           Neoware Capio   [14 pictures]
Neoware Capio 508 CP-4A and CA15
           Optimus 286   [17 pictures]
Optimus 286 PC
           Optimus 486   [13 pictures]
Optimus 486DX/50
           PS1 2123   [15 pictures]
IBM PS/1 Pro Model 2123
           PS1 2168   [16 pictures]
IBM PS/1 Model 2168 (486)
           PS2 Model 30-286   [32 pictures]
IBM PS/2 Model 30/286
           PS2 Model 70-486   [31 pictures]
IBM PS/2 Model 70 486
           Philips PCD200   [18 pictures]
Philips PCD 200
           Robotron A7100   [32 pictures]
Robotron A7100
           Robotron CM1910   [55 pictures]
Robotron A7150 (CM1910). Boards photos are in computer's page.
           Robotron EC1834   [51 pictures]
Robotron EC-1834
           Schneider Euro PC II   [14 pictures]
Schneider Euro PC II
           Siemens D6   [15 pictures]
Siemens Scenic D6 333
           Siemens PC D   [25 pictures]
Siemens PC-D
           Siemens T1200CT   [23 pictures]
Siemens T 1200CT (CPU only)
           Sun SPARCStation 20   [26 pictures]
Sun SPARCStation 20
           Sun Ultra1   [22 pictures]
Sun Ultra1
           Tandy 1000EX   [20 pictures]
Tandy 1000EX computer
           Zenith Express5800 LS2400   [13 pictures]
Zenith Express5800 LS2400 (non-original components)

All pictures are: Licencja Creative Commons.