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Old Computer-related pictures and photos

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           Ameprod TVG10   [17 pictures]
Ameprod TVG-10 video game
           BHT-2061   [8 pictures]
BHT-2061 or ICS Kompakt-Portable PT9402
           Brother WP-70   [26 pictures]
Brother WP-70 word processor
           Canon StarWriter 95   [25 pictures]
Canon StarWriter 95
           Electrodex EL-64   [10 pictures]
Electrodex EL-64 (Rolodex clone) made in Tele-Art license.
           IBM Parts   [21 pictures]
Parts of unknown IBM-series computer or peripheral (1970s)
           Psion HC120   [12 pictures]
Psion HC120
           Psion Workabout MX   [20 pictures]
           Rolodex 32K   [7 pictures]
Rolodex 32K
           Rouvoet mainboard   [8 pictures]
Unknown Rouvoet mainboard.
           Sharp Memowriter EL-7000   [12 pictures]
Sharp Memowriter EL-7000
           Shimadzu C R4A   [25 pictures]
Shimadzu Chromatopac C-R4A
           Tenis ttl   [13 pictures]
A Tenis-like TV game made of TTL chips
           Transled   [17 pictures]
Transled LED display driver
           Z80 CPM computer   [16 pictures]
My Z80-based CP/M computer built form scratch.

All pictures are: Licencja Creative Commons.