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Old Computer-related pictures and photos

» Museum » 8-bit Accessories
           Atari 1050   [7 pictures]
Atari 1050
           Atari SM124   [4 pictures]
Atari SM-124 monochrome monitor
           BBC Compact FDD   [5 pictures]
Acorn BBC Master Compact external floppy drive
           Biazet MMK-127   [7 pictures]
Biazet MMK-127 monochrome monitor
           Commodore 1084   [5 pictures]
Commodore 1084S-D1
           Commodore 1084ST   [6 pictures]
Commodore 1084ST
           Commodore 1404   [6 pictures]
Comodore 1404
           Commodore 1541   [6 pictures]
Commodore 1541
           Commodore 1541-II   [7 pictures]
Commodore 1541-II
           Commodore 1551   [8 pictures]
Commodore 1551
           Commodore 1571   [5 pictures]
Commodore 1571
           Datalux SV702   [5 pictures]
Datalux SV-702 Amiga floppy drive
           Indus GT   [14 pictures]
Indus GT
           MPS803   [7 pictures]
Commodore MPS803 printer
           Neptun 156 156B   [16 pictures]
Neptun 156 M156B
           PB1518DT   [7 pictures]
Packard Bell PB1518DT portrait monitor
           Peacock AI-100   [5 pictures]
Peacock AI-100 monochrome monitor
           Philips Computer Monitor 80   [4 pictures]
Philips Computer Monitor 80
           Robotron K6313   [12 pictures]
Robotron K6313 dot matrix printer
           Robotron KC85 Floppy   [15 pictures]
Robotron RFT KC85 floppy disk controller and drive
           Schneider CTM-644   [5 pictures]
Schneider CTM-644
           Schneider GT-65   [6 pictures]
Schneider GT-65
           Timex Sinclair 1016   [7 pictures]
Timex Sinclair 1016 16K RAM expansion for TS1000
           Timex Sinclair 2040   [7 pictures]
Timex-Sinclair 2040 spark printer
           Unimor M4902   [9 pictures]
Unimor M4902 monochrome green monitor
           Unimor TWM-315   [10 pictures]
Unimor TWM-315 monochrome display
           Unknown Amiga drive   [6 pictures]
Unknown Amiga drive

All pictures are: Licencja Creative Commons.