Elwro Desktop calculators (3)

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The purpose of this page is to show only units which I have. Units which I don't have are covered in Elwro Desktop Calculators List.

Elwro manufactured these desktop calculators since 1970s. Early units were clones (some even using genuine parts!) of Busicom Japanese calculators. From simple 4-operation devices these calculators evolved to complex, scientific and in last models even programmable calculators, using not only western, but also Polish components.

WARNING: Technical parameters are parameters of the particular unit. These calculators were made in a hard times, when western components were not easily accessible. It means that some units may have modifications to use replacement components.

Elwro 182

Type Scientific desktop
Display: VFD, IW18
Keyboard: Membrane
Chip: K145IK1301
Display driver: Transistor-resistor
Additional parts: DEG/RAD switch
Operations: +, -, /, *, sqrt, x^2, trigonometric, engineering format, memory, [(, )], powers, logarithms.
This calculator gives more functions useful in mathematical operations, engineering number format, memory, brackets and trigonometric functions. Built using eastern components. My unit is manufactured in 1983 and it still works.
Keyboard Numbers Engineering format
Error after division by 0. Rear plate Inside
Chips VFD drivers