Macintosh Quadra 650

Quadras were known as high-end Macintosh computers. Quadra 650 contained a new, 68040 CPU, had SCSI and AAUI - an advanced network interface which allowed to connect Mac to any existing network if the proper adapter is supported. Quadra had 16-bit graphics at 640x480 - a standard used by QuickTime. 24-bit TrueColor standard was known, but not so commonly used these times, so 16-bit was maximum for this model. Memory was expandable to 136MB using 128MB in SIMMs  and with 8MB on board. Some units had only 4MB, these were usually equipped with ROM SIMM slot too.

Model No: ??

Year: 1993
Discontinued: 1993
CPU: Motorola 68040 33MHz
RAM: 40MB (32+8MB on board)
Max. RAM: 136MB
RAM Type: 72-pin SIMM
Hard disk: 500MB SCSI, 3.5" SL
Floppy drives: 1 1.4M 3.5"
Other drives: Some units have CD-ROM
Graphics: max. 1152x870, max. 640x480 at 16-bit color
Sound: 1-channel
Display: External, 15-pin connector
Dedicated OS: Mac System 7.1

Maximum OS: Mac System 8.1

Expansions:  - ADB.
 - 4 SIMMs for RAM Expansion
 - ROM SIMM in some units
 - 3 LC PDS card slots
 - Cache expansion


Peripherals in collection:
 - ADB keyboard and mouse

Connectors:  - 15-pin video connector
 - External SCSI port (DB25)
 - AAUI network card connector
  - 2 serial ports (RS-422) for modem and printer)
- 2 ADB connectors for keyboard and mouse
 - Sound output
 - Microphone in

My unit is saved from recycling. It has been extensively used in some magazine editorial, but it is in quite good shape (except floppy drive which has problems pushing some floppies out).