MAGNUM LIGHTPHASER ------------------ SHOOT INTO A NEW DIMENSION Distributed by Virgin Mastertronic Ltd. 2/4 Vernon Yard, Portobello Road, London W11 2DX. MAGNUM LIGHTPHASER INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------------- SPECTRUM 48/128 You will require one of the following types of 9 volt batteries. (MN1604; 6LF22; PP3S; PP3) Plug this into the battery socket and plug the lightphaser into the MIC socket on your Spectrum 48/128. (Battery not included.) Type LOAD "" to load the games. SPECTRUM +2/+3 Plug the lighiphaser into the AUX socket on your Spectrum +2/+3. To load the +2: Move the cursor to TAPE LOADER and press ENTER. To load the +3: Insert the disc and press ENTER. AMSTRAD 464 Plug the lightphaser into the FLOPPY DISC socket on your Amstrad 464. Press CTRL and small ENTER to load the games. AMSTRAD 6128 Plug the lighiphaser into the EXPANSION socket on your Amstrad 6128. Type RUN "DISC" to load games. PRECAUTIONS 1. When aiming at an on-screen target, line up the lightphaser's front sight so that it is seen between the rear sight. 2. Hitting a target is more difficult when shooting from a position too close, too far away, or off to the side. 3. The shooting range depends on the television's screen size. Recommended distance from television is 2 to 4 feet. 4. The light phaser will not control the movements of an onscreen object. It is meant to be used in shooting-type games only. 5. Television brightness and contrast may have to be somewhat increased, especially when using an older television. 6. Do not expose the lightphaser's lens to an intense light other than that of the television. 7. If the lens at the tip of the lightphaser needs cleaning, use a soft cloth. Do not use cleaners such as benzene, alcohol, thinner, etc., for this purpose. 8. Do not drop or crush the light phaser. IMPORTANT: Software designed for use with the Magnum Light Phaser is required for proper operation. RETURNS PROCEDURE The Magnum LightPhaser is manufactured to very high standards but in the event of a fault developing within 3 months of purchase please return in its original protective packaging, enclosing proof of purchase to: Imediat Unit B3, Edison Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE18 4LF Imediat will either repair or replace the Light Phaser and return it to the customer. Please allow 28 days for delivery. LIGHT GUN GAMES INSTRUCTIONS ---------------------------- SINCLAIR ACTION PACK Welcome to the Sinclair Action Pack, the latest combination of Software and peripherals for the market's leading home computer. The Light-Gun supplied in this pack is a light sensitive device and as such, may require some adjustment of the 'brightness' control on your T.V., to obtain optimum performance. Set-up Before switching on your computer the gun should be plugged in to the socket marked 'keypad' or 'Aux' which are located on the rear panel. The Games Your Sinclair Action Pack is supplied with Six games which have been specifically designed to make the most of the Light-Gun. Loading The Sinclair Action Pack is supplied in either tape or disc format, in either case the games are located as follows:- Side A Side B Missile Ground Zero Rookie Solar Invasion Robot Attack Operation Wolf Bullseye To load any game follow the loading instructions, as supplied in the User Manual of your computer, which will present you with a menu. To select your desired game, aim the gun and press the trigger. HAPPY SHOOTING!! SOLAR INVASION -------------- You've just returned from a visit to the intergalatic zoo trading centre to find weird animals to exhibit back on Earth. As you approach the solar system, you notice a red light flashing on the console. The Praxalites have escaped! OH NO! Your job is to stop them from overrunning the galaxy - as they breed and mutate very quickly. Controls Pull the light gun trigger to start. Use the trigger on the gun to fire your laser weapon. To change direction of your ship shoot the arrow icons which are located at the top right and bottom right of your screen. Use the scanner to locate the aliens. The flashing dots on the scanner show the location of the bonus icons. Bonus Icons 1. To replenish ammo, shoot the 'A' Icon (Your ammo goes down with every shot). 2. There is also a smart bomb icon 'B'. Shoot this, which will store it and then press the space bar when you need it. This will kill all aliens in view. To go into the next level, you must shoot all of the aliens! Each level corresponds to a planet in the solar system and there are 9 levels in all. The game ends when you reach the sun or the aliens grow into the deadly fully grown Praxalites. ROBOT ATTACK ------------ The year is 2089. The robots are taking over (again!). The service droids are bored with serving their human masters and have united together in a dastardly revolutionary conspiracy. Groups of 50 robots have banded together to assemble a race of deadly super-droids. As human agent X-3 you have a tipoff which leads you to a warehouse where the super androids are being assembled. It is your job to save humanity by picking off the small service droids before they can assemble the mighty super android. Game Instructions The game is controlled completely by the light gun except that 'BREAK' aborts the game and 'SPACE' (in demo mode) views the high scores. Pull the Light-Gun trigger to start. Various droid types will appearand wander around looking for a crate. When a droid opens a crate part of the super-droid will be assembled. Shoot the droids to stop this happening! When the entire squadron of 50 droids have appeared you will move to the next level Bonus objects appear occasionally. These have many effects (both good and bad) e.g. your laser recharge speed may be changed or fewer droids may appear. ----------------------------------------- Robot Attack Tables ----------------------------------------- Total Parts Colour Hits Points Assembled Blue * 100 1 Red * 200 2 Purple 1 300 3 Green 2 400 4 Light Blue 3 500 5 Yellow 4 600 6 White 5 700 7 ----------------------------------------- The blue robots are indestructible. The red robots are partially protected and when hit they collapse until repaired. When re-animated they can change into any other type of droid. ROOKIE ------ Scenario As a new recruit to the army your basic training is at the stage of armed weapons. "Goffe" Park is the scene of the game, a section of national park converted for target training. The Game The game takes place over 8 screens. As the training begins, you are set a low target for qualifying which you must reach by shooting the pop-up targets which appear randomly over the shooting zone. Scoring The targets can be shot at any time but you only score points when they display numbers. The score decreases from 100 to 10 in steps of 10, so the sooner you shoot them, the greater your score. On each level 20 targets are displayed, after this no more will be displayed so you have the choice of either waiting for extra bullet icons to shoot at or moving onto the next screen. N.B. The extra bullet icons will not be available while there are still targets on screen, so it is your choice as to what to do. After qualifying bonuses are awarded for the remaining time and shots. After the time has reached zero or you have run out of shots the game ends and if you have a high score you have the chance to enter your name in the "Academy Hall of Fame". Controls The game is controlled by the light gun. The only thing that is not controlled by the gun is the entering of your name in the high score table. Pressing the '0' key will enable you to quit the present game. Screen prompts will appear from time to time, so please watch out for them. MISSILE GROUND ZERO ------------------- Scenario It is the year 5044, the Earth is under attack from the Galactic battle-fleet of the Limpovic hyper-destructors. You are the Earth's last line of defence. Armed only with a Viscerotonic mega-phase pulse blaster, you must defend the Earth's remaining cities. Good Luck! The Game On the play screen you will notice that there are four bases on the bottom of the screen and these are the bases that you are to defend with the light gun. There are ten levels of difficulty to the game and you begin on level one which is the easiest level of play, after each level is completed you move onto a new screen with an increased level of diffuculty. A level is completed when the yellow disc meter (at the bottom of the screen) reaches zero. When you start a new level your vases, ammo and disc meter are all replenished. Scoring Different types of aliens score differing numbers of points, between 100 and 500. If the meteorites hit a base then that base will be destroyed. When a base is destroyed your ammunition is set back to full. Bonus U.F.O's occasionally appear at the top of the screen and if you are skilful enough to hit one of these then your ammunition is replenished to 200, the amount of ammunition that you start the game with. Bonuses When a level is completed you are awarded a score bonus. For every base remaining you receive 200 points For each piece of ammo remaining you also receive 200 points. Controls The game is controlled by the light gun. To fire the ammo point the gun at the screen and press the trigger which will release an explosion on the part of the screen that you are aiming at. BULLSEYE (C) Central Television PLC 1989 -------- Bullseye is a version of the successful British TV quiz programme, adapted for popular home computers. It is a game for 2 players, played over 4 rounds. Skill in answering questions from any of 11 different categories is combined with simulated dart throwing to gain high scores. Starting The Game Press "Y" if you want a practice OR enter the names of the two players and then choose the duration and difficulty of the game. Press "S" to change the sound ON/OFF and press A or B if you want to play 1 or 3 games. The skill level is between 1 and 9 (denoting the time you have to answer questions). Practice This feature gives you the chance to become familiar with the light gun before entering the real game. Try it now to get an idea of how to aim the dart. Simply aim the gun aligning front and back sights with the target, and pull the trigger once. You are given 3 darts after which the main screen will re-appear to allow you to select again. The Main Game At this stage you will be taken through the 4 rounds for the main game. Details of each follows. At the end of the game, the final score is shown and the program restarts. Round 1 Each player is called to the ockey 3 times. A dartboard with 10 sections is shown with letters A to J representing a question category. On the Spectrum simply press any key to move through the category until you find one you would like to answer a question on. Having selected the ideal subject, a dart can be thrown using the light gun as explained in the practice section. A question will then be posed on the subject that is hit. (If this is also the subject chosen by the player, a bonus score is awarded, this being higher the closer the dart comes to the Bullseye). Answer the question correctly and your score increases. Answer incorrectly (or not within the time allowed) and your opponent has a chance to answer. Round 2 This round uses a normal dartboard. Each player is called to the ockey to throw 3 darts. The player with the higher score then wins an attempt at answering a general knowledge question to win points. Again, an incorrect answer gives the opponent a chance to answer. This is repeated 3 times in all. Round 3 This is a bonus round, where the player who is currently winning throws 9 darts at a special dartboard, showing 8 red segments and 8 black segments. Hitting a red segment ONCE ONLY scores the bonus shown. Hitting the same red segment again loses the bonus shown. Hitting black segments has no effect. Round 4 The player with the higher score is asked whether or not he wishes to gamble on the last board. (if not, the other player is offered the same option). If one or other player accepts the challenge, he has 4 darts to throw at a normal board in order to score 101 or more. Success means his score is doubled. Failure means his score is halved. Notes on answering questions * If you make a slight error in spelling, you will usually be given a second chance at answering. * If an answer is a number, use the number keys - e.g. answer 5 rather than FIVE. * All answer are single words, so type a person's surname when required, unless that person is generally known by their first name alone. (C)Central Television PLC 1989 Bullseye is a Central Television Production in association with Chatsworth Television. OPERATION WOLF (TM) -------------- Central control to Lone Wolf ... parachute into hostile territory ... locate enemy concentration camp ... release captives interned there ... repeat ... Operation Wolf; an exciting new concept in computer games, in which the enemy shoots at you from the screen. Gun in hand, you must traverse hostile terrain, seeking your fellow countrymen being held prisoner in a concentration camp. Make your way through jungle filled with hostile soldiers, destroy enemy installations and free all townships you encounter, with no food, no water, no chopper cover, and not nearly enough ammo and no idea if you are going to make it back ... volunteers only!! Controls All movements and firing are controlled by the Light-Gun except in Grenades which are released by aiming the gun and pressing the 'Space-bar'. Gameplay Operation Wolf comprises six levels of lethal arcade action, each increasing in difficulty as you progress. You are armed with a sub-machine gun with limited ammunition and a small number of grenades. Extra ammunition and grenades can be collected by shooting at them when they appear on the screen. Animals, if shot, will sometimes drop these items, however, under no circumstances should you shoot any innocent civilians. You must protect the hostages on levels five and six from any harm in order to ensure their safe escape. Your energy level is shown on the right hand side of the screen and this will decrease if you are shot by a solitary soldier (substantially if you are shot by a vehicle or you accidentally kill a civilian or hostage). As you complete each level, a small amount of your energy is replenished and when you have just a few units left, the display will flash. To complete a level you must shoot and destroy the relevant number of soldiers, tanks, helicopters etc., as displayed on the bottom of the screen. This will probably be the most dangerous mission you have ever undertaken. Be alert, be strong and above all be careful. Status and Scoring Status panel shows score, number of bullet magazines left, number of bullets per magazine, number of grenades and damage level. Also shown on each level is the number of baddies which need to be eliminated in order to complete level and number of hostages resued. Points awarded for disposing of baddies vary depending on type. Points also awarded for completing a level. When damage level is full the player is dead. There is one 'continue' option. Player's damage is increased if he shoots a civilian. Survival Summary Magazines Shooting this gives one extra magazine of ammunition. Grenades Shooting this gives you one extra rocket bomb, up to max. of 5. F-ON A BULLET Shooting this gives an increased rate of fire for one magazine. P-ON A BOTTLE Shooting this improves your physical condition. Enemy missile fire can be shot down before it hits you. Vehicles can be destoyed by bullets, but they must be hit several times. Hints & Tips * Don't fire constantly, save bullets. * Keep grenades for large groups of enemies and vehicles. * Shoot enemies which inflict most damage first. (TM) Operation Wolf is a trademark of Taito Corporation. Used under licence from Ocean Software Limited, authorised user. Ocean is a registered trademark of Ocean Software Limited. The product described in this manual and products for use with it are subject to continuous development and improvement. This manual is provide to you free of charge and is intended only to assist the reader in the use of the product and although the information contained in this manual and literature provided with the product is given by AMSTRAD in good faith, AMSTRAD does not warrant the accuracy of the information and accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of any information provided or omitted. You must carefully read these instructions and all other literature provided with the product, including the Guarantee Card, prior to operation. IMPORTANT The terms and instructions, contained in the Guarantee Card provided with the product, must be strictly complied with. EXCLUSIONS OF CONSQUENTIAL LOSS IN ANY EVENT, AMSTRAD ACCEPTS NO LIABILITY FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING FROM THE USE OR FAILURE OF THE PRODUCT OR ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ECONOMIC OR FINANCILA LOSS, DAMAGE TO PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT OR PRODUCTS, LOSS OF USE, PRODUCTIVITY OR TIME. All correspondence relating to the product or this manual should be addressed to: AMSTRAD Brentwood House, 169 Kings Road, BRENTWOOD, Essex CM14 4EF (C) Copyright 1989 AMSTRAD plc. Neither the whole nor any part of the information contained herein, nor the products described in this manual may be adapted or reproduced in any material form except with the prior written approval of AMSTRAD plc. The name and logo Sinclair are Registered Trademarks and the names ZX Spectrum +2 and +3 are Trademarks of Amstrad Plc. * Amstrad is a registered trademark of Amstrad plc. Used under licence. * Sinclair is a registered trademark of Amstrad plc. Used under licence. (Transcribed by Robin Stuart)