Welcome to my old computer collection

Here you will find information about old computers, their parts and peripherals.

The main objective of this site is to provide information not only about technical specifications of old computers, but also instructions to make an old computer running again as well as how to use the old computers (retrocomputing) and its basic software.

You will not find large amount of software for these devices, but some files, needed to make them running, are in this site.

 Site news:

2018-02-04 Added a Canon StarWriter 95, this is not exactly a computer, but rather a specialized microcontroller-based computer system for word processing with text editor, spreadsheet and scanning program to import pictures. Everything on around 256kB of RAM. and the double-density floppy drive as the only storage.
The machine has a small LCD screen and an ink-jet printer to print documents.
2018-01-10 Happy new year.
Acquired Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC - another Z80-based microcomputer with 64kB of RAM and BASIC, as well as with CP/M support if disk drive is connected. This computer wa snot much successful and was made only for a short time.

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