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Here you will find information about old computers, their parts and peripherals.

The main objective of this site is to provide information not only about technical specifications of old computers, but also instructions to make an old computer running again as well as how to use the old computers (retrocomputing) and its basic software.

You will not find large amount of software for these devices, but some files, needed to make them running, are in this site.

 Site news:

2018-12-02 Acquired another BTX terminal: Multikom S1, manufactured by Siemens, this terminal with built-in CRT monitor was used to connect with BTX network. It is made using much newer technology than (even later) Loewe units. It has markings with logos and was distributed by German Post Authority for accessing the network.

Got some old Macs.

2018-11-02 Added a Reuters SK 101 BL Terminal keyboard. This is a serial terminal in form of keyboard for a more complex digital trading system. It has a small LCD display built-in and some useful tools such as calculator and converter.
2018-09-09 The PC Section finally looks more or less complete, so it's no more "Under construction". The last one to describe was an unusual IBM Power Series 850, a computer which was powered by PowerPC processor, used in mid-1990s as a high-power workstation for CAD, computer simulation and scientific computation applications. Also, the front page has been changed and minimized a bit, I also updated things here and there.
Additionally, experimental https support has been added for pleasure of tinfoil hats fans. If your provider messes with content on pages, just change a provider! You don't want a postman to read your mail!
2018-08-13 Added a Compaq Clipper IA-1 (iPaq IA-1) Internet Terminal made in 2000 for Belgian Internet provider. It is in fact a small PC with wireless keyboard, small LCD and proprietary operating system with only one program to browse the Internet.

Updated MKS w. 4 with its power supply unit (see its gallery),

2018-07-30 Added a Highscreen 386 portable PC (I think it's Highscreen). It is a portable computer from early 1990s, used as control system. It has a typical, desktop internals, but the casing contains LCD panel (VGA resolution, grayscale) and detachable keyboard. It was used as a control/measurement system for some industrial testing device.
2018-07-09 Acquired a Fujitsu Lifebook C325 notebook from 1998 powered by Pentium I, a typical portable from the age. Updated Power Macintosh G5, as I restored another unit, in even worse state. Got one more terminal and portable, so they'll be in next updates.
2018-06-04 Added Atari Mega 1 - A professional version of 16-bit Atari ST computer, with 8MHz Motorola 68000 processor and 1MB of RAM. Additionally, the computer has an Atari SH205 20MB hard disk. These computers were used in multimedia authoring, DTP, as CAD stations or, thanks to the MIDI interface, for music production driving synthezisers.
2018-05-26 Added BEMZ Bajt (Byte) computer, made in Belarus in late 1980s/early 1990s. This is a ZX Spectrum clone made using TTL chips and programmable ROMs. It was sold as computer, and when became obsolete, as a TV game. It has quite comfortable keyboard and additional sound synthesizer.
2018-05-10 Added a network card for Macintosh Performa 6200/200. Can be seen in its Gallery.  
2018-04-20 Acquired an interesting mass storage device from 1980s - an IOMega Bernoulli Box. This magnetic disk drive allowed to store 10MB on a removable cartridge. In the era of 20MB disk drives it was a huge expansion, especially that it was much faster than tape streamers (SCSI interface) and allowed to access any data part without waiting to rewind the tape.
2018-02-22 Added Power Macintosh 9500 - a high-end Apple computer from 1995 with PowerPC processor, large amounts of RAM and PCI slots. As a multimedia computer it has significant upgrade capabilities. In late 1990s it has been upgraded with G4 400MHz processor and 128MB of RAM, additionally 2MB video board has been replaced with a 16MB accelerator and 100MBit network adapter.
The computer had to be restored including joining broken plastic parts. However, by using proper chemicals it was possible, in a significant time, to restore it.
2018-02-04 Added a Canon StarWriter 95, this is not exactly a computer, but rather a specialized microcontroller-based computer system for word processing with text editor, spreadsheet and scanning program to import pictures. Everything on around 256kB of RAM. and the double-density floppy drive as the only storage.
The machine has a small LCD screen and an ink-jet printer to print documents.
2018-01-10 Happy new year.
Acquired Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC - another Z80-based microcomputer with 64kB of RAM and BASIC, as well as with CP/M support if disk drive is connected. This computer wa snot much successful and was made only for a short time.

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