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Here you will find information about old computers, their parts and peripherals.

The main objective of this site is to provide information not only about technical specifications of old computers, but also instructions to make an old computer running again as well as how to use the old computers (retrocomputing) and its basic software.

You will not find large amount of software for these devices, but some files, needed to make them running, are in this site.

 Site news:

28.11.2016 Acquired Polish Creator IKT-5A serial port terminal made ca. 1993. It was probably manufactured before IKT-6, and still has Fura Elektronik logo in software, while being sold by company called "Creator". It is in "new old stock" condition, in a box, probably not used at all.
16.10.2016 New terminal in collection: Siemens Multitel Fe Ap 90-1.1. It is similar to earlier Siemens Bitel machine, but is simplified and upgraded. It is also in completely working condition and has a key for its lock. These terminals were used solely for German Bildschirmtext service, used to transmit information pages by telephone line.

Also, Elwro Desktop calculators list has been updated.

28.09.2016 A new portable laptop PC in collection: A V30-powered Nec Multispeed HD from ca. 1989. It has 640kB of RAM in static chips, 20MB hard disk and 720kB, 3.5" floppy disk drive. In its ROM there are useful programs to minimize power-consuming hard disk usage. These programs can work in a RAM disk saving more power. And if user wants to work with external monitor, it is possible to detach the screen and use the base like keyboard.

Still slowly building up the PC Section.

04.08.2016 Added a Philips VG8000 MSX computer. Quite early MSX machine with 16kB of RAM and without many possibilities of expansion, popular in MSX computers.

The website finally got rid of most JS code, substituted with CSS. Although there was almost no JS code here, it was still in my opinion overused. Visitors' CPUs have many other things to do.

29.07.2016 Because I was diagnosing some hinge problems with my Pocket-PC palmtop, I've added two photos of the mainboard of my HP 200LX. You can see them in the gallery. Mainboard is quite early unit without RAM expansion connector and with some hand-written markings on chips.
25.07.2016 Added a comparative benchmark of 8-bit computers. Now it can be seen which one is the fastest and which one has some performance drawbacks. Benchmark covers some simple calculations as well as displaying large amounts of text on screen.
18.07.2016 Hello from the new location. Free hosting decided to roll up and leave their customers without any support nor access to servers, probably because of DDoS attacks. Current website is a bit modified, so all parts of previous old site have been incoroprated into newer (yet still old-looking) one. Be careful of falling URLs as some parts are still under restoration. I hope this new address, http://oldcomputer.info, will survive longer than previous one and you'll find help in my site.
08.05.2016 Added Amstrad PcW9512 computer, enhanced version of PcW8256. This is a Z80-based CP/M machine with 720kB 3" floppy disk drive and 512kB of RAM. It has a monochrome, white built-in CRT display and can use a proprietary daisy wheel printer.

And don't forget to look at the refreshed Restoration and discovery of old computers text.

22.04.2016 Added Siemens PG-685 portable computer with 286 processor, being more CP/M machine than a PC but it can run MS-DOS 2.11. It was used to program industrial control machines. There is 1MB of RAM and 20MB Winchester-type hard disk. Picture is generated on internal monochrome CRT monitor.
Running with such antique form, this computer is not so old, it is from late 1980s. It is made of surface-mounted chips and has quite modern technologies under the hood.
13.04.2016 Added a RFT LC-R tape recorder made especially for East German RFT KC85 or KC87 computers. However, it may work with any computer using sound input/output.


04.04.2016 Added an unusual Z80-based computer from mid-1980s: Alcatel 7100. It is built on a base of AES 7100 Model 203 word processing computer, but has quite unusual modifications introduced probably by Alcatel. And it seems that there is no operating system nor software for it.
12.03.2016 Added Polish IKT-6 terminal, late-1990s unit which works with PC peripherals.
Probably non-original power supply unit for Unitra portable calculators.
Small update in slide rules section - two items added.
25.02.2016 Added few new things.
 - Acorn BBC Master Compact computer, which is a smaller version of BBC Master, a disk-based computer from 1986, this one with 3.5" disk drive.
 - Commodore 1084S-D2 monitor for Amiga 500, a bit different than earlier D1 version,
 - Two photos of Amiga RAM expansion and mouse.
20.02.2016 A small update with RFT KC85/4. New photos and loading programs procedure corrected a bit.
Added floppy disk drive and controller for RFT KC85/4. Well, it is in fact another computer with own Z80 CPU and RAM, which runs a CP/M clone. The original KC85 becomes a terminal then.
15.02.2016 Added text: Restoration and discovery of old computers. Explaination what to do with old computer to restore it and discover its capabilities. In queue: More Robotron KC85/4 photos, Robotron KC floppy disk drive and controller, maybe few things more.
06.02.2016 Acquired a small, portable, battery-powered 8-bit microcomputer with docking station - Ronex TPC-8300. It can be programmed using BASIC and results are shown on LCD screen or printed using unusual pen-based printer working more like a plotter.

Hosting has small problems with image gallery, I think they will fix it soon.

16.01.2016 Happy new year. Another 8-bit microcomputer in collection: Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, an early home computer with 16-bit processor and unusual RAM access methods.
Slowly updating PC section with interesting computers.

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